Oculus Concordia – Game Development

“Oculus Concordia” is my Final year Exam Project at the University of Teesside, Computing: Game’s Art.
The Game Scene is produced within the CryEngine.

The Game project was finished Autumn of 2014.

Project Scope:

  • Creating a 3D-Environment within the CryEngine.
  • An Aesthetic focus using Colour-Theory and Composition.
  • Modular Workflow, Utilizing Assets and Textures.

612 8Screenshot footage of Oculus Concordia.

Oculus Concordia is produced within the CryEngine 3 SDK, with assisting sites and software as; Autodesk: 3DStudio Max 2012, Adobe: Photoshop CC, CrazyBump, CGTextures



Concept Art:

OC_ca_town OC_ca_mill


Modular Workflow:



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