Gespalten – Game Development


“Gespalten” is an award winning Final Exam Project at the Noroff Institute Collage, Game Development.
The Game is produced within the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) Engine.

Visit these sites for further information: Facebook & IndieDB
The Game can be Downloaded and Played at IndieDB

The Game project was finished and released Autumn of 2013.

My responsible roles during the Project:

  • Level Designer
  • Environment Artist
  • Writer

Game Story Summery:
The game takes place at the island of Oscarsborg Fortress, Norway. A fictional horror story that follows Mikael Herman, a high-school student visiting Oscarsborg on a field-trip. After Mikael Herman suffers a blackout, he finds himself in a nightmarish version of the historical events that took place on the island during the 2nd World War. Struggling with amnesia, Mikael must escape the dimension of horror and darkness mirrored by the event of Blücher’s sinking, 1940. Ultimately discovering the answers behind the mysteries and secrets of island, and unfolding the truth that binds him to the memory past.


  In-game footage, Gespalten.

Gespalten is produced within the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) Engine, with assisting sites and software as; Autodesk: 3DStudio Max 2012, Adobe: Photoshop CS6, CrazyBump, CGTextures

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In-game footage, Gespalten.



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